Eco-Friendly Pillow Inserts:

Luca pillow inserts are chanelled to maintain even distribution, and filled with fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Your dog enjoys a soft cozy bed while you remain eco-conscious.

Waterproof Liners:

All Luca pillows have a water-resistant nylon base that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The top cover comes in waterproof nylon or 100% cotton (upon request). Liners are all removable and washable.

Luca Dog Bed Liners

"Sheet Style" Covers:

Luca Round Covers

S. 26x4   M. 34x5   L. 44x5

Our round beds use covers that are secured with elastic just like a classic fitted sheet.

Luca Rectangle Beds

M. 34x26x5   L. 44x34x5

Rectangle covers fit beautifully underneath the four corners of the bed for complete security.

Luca Lounge Beds

S. 26x20x8   M. 34x26x10   L. 44x34x12

The inner pillow cover fits securely underneath all four corners of the bed for easy removal and recovering. Bolster cover is removable and washable.

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